I Want to Protect My Teeth

Are you pleased with the current state of your teeth, and do you have a desire to protect them from future damage and staining? Do you want to make sure you have the right habits to maintain your oral health? At GetMySmile.com, we’re here to help shed some light on the complex world of dentistry.

Protective Habits

Unfortunately, standard daily activities like eating and drinking can be detrimental to your teeth. Many of the chemicals found in common consumables stain and eat through the outer layers of your teeth, and if these chemicals are left on the surface long enough they can easily cause permanent damage. Brushing your teeth is the most basic and necessary key to maintaining oral health and hygiene. In addition, you should floss at least once every single day. Most people tend to neglect adding flossing to their daily routine. Flossing removes the debris and plaque from in between your teeth and those other spots that normal toothbrushes do not reach. Visiting your dentist regularly is very important. Your dentist will be able to form a professional, trained opinion of what course of action is best to maintaining or correcting the health of your mouth.

How Can a Dentist Protect My Teeth?

Your dentist can help you protect your teeth, even when you’re not at the dentist’s office. There are many less-than-obvious hazards that can threaten teeth. People who participate in sports or vigorous activities run the risk of receiving blunt trauma to the teeth and face. Excessive amounts of stress or misaligned teeth and jaws can cause patients to develop Bruxism, the habit of abnormally grinding or gnashing the teeth that generally occurs during sleep or while under high levels of stress. Bruxism causes excessive wear on the bite surfaces of teeth and can also cause injury to the gums and jaws. There are many appliances that a dentist can prescribe for at-home use to address these problems, including mouthguards, bite splints and custom whitening trays.

What are my at-home options?


Mouthguards are removable protective devices for the mouth that cover the teeth and gums to reduce injury or damage. Mouthguards are often used in sports to protect the wearer’s teeth in case of physical impact. Although mouthguards are available for over-the-counter purchase, appliances that are prescribed by your dentist offer more protection and a customized fit.

PlaySafe® Mouthguards are custom fabricated and available in six levels of protection. When these form-fitting devices are properly worn, they can prevent dental trauma such as fractured teeth.

Bite Splints

Bite splints are removable protective devices for the mouth that cover the teeth and gums to reduce injury or damage. Bite splints are often used as a treatment for patients with Bruxism. These appliances prevent further damage by separating the patient’s teeth with a comfortable layer of acrylic, which keeps the opposing teeth from grinding or crashing together.